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Dei's Favorites

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Grab your free mini course:  "Juicing for Weightloss" under Listening Hands® Academy and click here to purchase your juicer. 


Lap Work Desk

This desk is an awesome tool for a busy entrepreneur or for at home work projects.  


Reiki Lapis Lazuli Stones

These Lapis Lazuli stones are great for Reiki energy healing and chakra work.  The Reiki symbols are engraved on the stones.  I use these stones, at times, when I am in sessions with clients.


JLab Go Work Wireless Headset

This headset is perfect for work at home jobs, working with virtual clients, and/or podcasting. I love that it is wireless, so I can move around while working.  Movement is important for balance!

Screenshot_20231220_131955_Amazon Shopping.jpg

Glass Juice Bottles 

Glass bottles are a great choice instead of plastic.  Glass preserves your precious ingredients and, when discarded, can go back to the Earth.


Electric Tea Kettle

This tea kettle is perfect for making herbal loose leaf teas with the middle insert. You can also make any tea with the hot water.

Screenshot_20230919_102634_Amazon Shopping.jpg

Bronze Relaxation Fountain 

This fountain sits in our healing space at Listening Hands® LLC.  I love this fountain, because it creates a very relaxing environment.


Exercise Bike Pedal Straps

These straps are for stationary cycling bikes. If you go to spin class, you would use the shoes that snap into the bike. If you use the stationary bike on the exercise floor, you want to make sure they have straps on the pedals so that you can ride better & get a good workout without your feet slipping.

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Every healthcare professional needs nice and comfortable scrubs. Look professional in your holistic business by purchasing the best high quality scrubs.

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Your All-In-One App for Mental Wellness & Sleep

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Get work out gear for performance & even to be stylish while you continue your holistic lifestyle

Get home healthcare products if you need assitance with home care.

Get the best kegel exercise products and education possible that will help to improve your kegel muscles. Improve your pelvic floor health.

Get orthotic insoles for those with pain or conditions of the feet

Get breast pumps and other items for your little one.

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