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Everybody is not an Expert

It used to be you knew who the experts were and what information you could (almost 😉) trust.

Now the waters are muddied with any and everybody doing everything.

You have:

🚩"Marriage counselors, marriage coaches, and relationship coaches" who are single or divorced multiple times & currently single giving marriage advice.

🚩"Executive coaches" who have only been managers giving advice on how to be a CEO or executive of a fortune 500 company

🚩"Investing coaches" who have only invested in 401K giving advice on how to invest

🚩"Business coaches" who have only had their current coaching business giving advice on how to run a small business that is not a coaching business.

🚩"Holistic doctors and wellness coaches" who project that the word holistic means all natural, stop all medications, and no western medicine.

‼️"Holistic" does NOT mean stop everything that has potentially helped you. Holistic means working on the mind, body, and spirit. It means you have a component of each category to help you all around: the whole you holistically.

Pay attention to where you get your information and use your own intuition!




💥Nurse Dei-ism: Social media is not the space of experts. It's the space of everyone pretending to be an expert. 😏

It's really a marketing tactic. They say 🗣 "Position yourself as the expert."

Now everyone is listening to the marketing coaches and putting out content like they are an expert....but they ain't. 😏 It has actually become dangerous out here.

I saw a video of a "coach" saying HOW TO KNOW YOU MARRIED THE WRONG PERSON and the answer was: you look around and say, "how the heck did I get here. Who is this person?"

Bruuuuuuuhhhhh brrrrrrrruuuuuuhhhh! 🤦🏾‍♀️Baaaruuuh!

You can look at your own momma and feel that. 🤣 You can look at your child and feel that. You can look up in any marriage & be like who the fudge🍫 is this 🥷🏿

THAT doesn't mean you married the wrong person. That means life is lifing. If you want it, keep living & working together to get past the hump.

And she was REALLY talking. Podcasting. Hash tagging #marriagecounselor #marriagecoach #relationshipcoach & alla that.🤦🏾‍♀️

sigh Ya'll. Smh. 😏

💥Nurse Dei-ism: People done started putting out a lot of bad information based on their experiences.

They go through a break up, now they have a podcast as a relationship coach. 😏




Some of yall need to hush! 🤭

What you're saying is coming from a VERY biased perspective. Instead of just having your point of view, you want a whole team on your side. Now you coaching and podcasting from your hurt perspective. Gone somewhere and heal.

This is the thing. Before we move into these spaces of helping others and these platforms, we have to ask to be used for the good of the most people.

It's called benevolence. It's the oath that doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers take.

Look up the word "benevolence." Social media ain't got that. So STOP 🛑 getting all of your information from what you see on social.

It could really hurt your situation.

Even if the information is factual, it's also the energy behind it.

Do they REALLY believe in marriage?

Do they REALLY believe in your small business?

Do they REALLY believe in what they are preaching?

Or are they just projecting from their own hurt and "failed" places so coaching is an outlet to express their experiences......but never really deal with their own stuff.




Ummmph! That was deep. If you're a that analysis & self assessment now.

Do you have some healing to do that will help you keep from projecting your pain into your messaging? Were you really successful in the area and subject matter that you are coaching others on?

What does Imposter Syndrome mean?





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