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Focus on the Present

The world will have you feeling like you should be at 1000% in every area of your life, especially as an entrepreneur.

They tell you, "Continue to show up each day & that shows your clients that they should be working with you."

‼️BUT, then they also say, "Be authentic. Show your true processes!"

How is showing up consistently every day on social media, working with clients, writing books, creating digital products, creating courses, blogging, etc, etc AUTHENTIC?

How can you show up consistently (on social media for one & all other areas) if you ACTUALLY have clients & products you're moving?🤔😉

Aha! This "authenticity" thing is a lie.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: Authenticity is I ain't gone be sitting her posting a lot while I'm actually working with clients.

Authenticity is, y'all can miss me for a min with this free content while I drop these courses on my site.

Authenticity is I ain't gone blog for a few days cause I'm moving product and working on things.

THAT'S authenticity TO ME. Instead of saying be authentic in your business & life BUT show up everyday multiple times a day on social media.

Everybody is pushing the same narrative that they know is not true. Using the same verbiage that they know is not true.

Authenticity is falling back on certain things, when you feel like it to ACTUALLY get something done.

You can't do it all my friend. I'm here to tell you, it's ok! Stop listening to those other lying folk.😏



If you feel me, I have a course for you. Sensitive people stop trying to do this mess they are pushing. They are just running their mouth.

Ain't nobody showing up in every area in business and in life at 1000. If you don't feel like showing up, because you're working on something else, don't.🤷🏾‍♀️

If you want to rest, workout, hang-out, it.

I was only able to finish my digital products, including my recent course for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People, because I buckled down and focused on the present. (N D BIO 😁)

I did get a message or two about why there were no new blogs or welcome back to social media when I did post. (They didn't mean any harm.)

I ain't never went nowhere. 😉 I'm ACTUALLY working. 🥰

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