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Healing is NOT your Entire Identity

Healing is NOT your entire identity!

This is why the programs at Listening Hands®️ LLC @listeninghands1 focus on ELEVATION.

Healing & wellness are only one component of the programs.

The main goal is reaching your goals.😉🙌🏾

Manifesting Higher! 💫



💥Nurse Dei-ism: I think a lot of people have made whatever they are doing their identity.

🔴If the work out, they are a gym rat and that's AAAAAALLLLL they talk about.

🔴If they are in their spiritual journey, they cover their arms in crystal bracelets to the elbows and 3 or 4 big crystals hanging from their neck ....and that's AAAALLLLL they talk about.

🔴If they are working on their health, they stop eating meat and that's AAAAAAALLLL they talk about.

🔴If they start healing and working on self, they stop everything, and that's AAAAALLLL they talk about.



Working with me, we ELEVATE!

We don't get stuck on the current phase of what we're working on.

You are all things. You are Divine. That looks like beauty. That looks like light.

Light can NOT be defined by one word or 1 category. 💫

Stop getting stuck!

🤔What you are searching for is not help to heal.

🤔You aren't searching for help to reach your goals.

🤔You aren't searching for fulfilling relationships.

🤔You aren't searching for help to a fulfilling career.

🤔You aren't searching for help with your business.

🤔You aren't searching for help to be healthy

🤔You aren't searching for help to stay in your happy place.

You aren't searching for work-life balance. You aren't searching to be fulfilled in your purpose.

What you are searching for is ALL OF THE ABOVE.

It all goes together, and it all falls in line when we work together in my trademarked programs:

💫Listening Hands®️ Elevation Program Plus

💫Listening Hands®️ Elevation Program

💫D.E.I. Doing Everything Intuitively®️ Program



They were wrong when they said niche it down to one thing. ELEVATION is the niche over here!



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pitching your niche marketing that clients need to see only 1 offer. The human mind is much more complex than that. My clients appreciate that we work on multiple layers for total Elevation. We're enlightened.

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