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Many People Don't Want Solutions to Their Problem Because It Has Become Their Identity.

And that's OK. But, I'm not the one to talk to if you don't want to make changes & get some resolutions. 😁




💥Nurse Dei-ism: You gotta recognize who's for real about wanting change and who's just shooting the 💩.

It's a whole lot of 💩 shooters. 🤭

Alot of times they are in your friend group. Very, very common.

Just wanna be on the phone all night talking about everything that's wrong, but ain't gone do nothing.

Just wanna be at work complaining bout everything, but ain't gone shake nothing.

Just wanna be on these social media apps making videos about their issues, but ain't gone move nothing.

Bruh! Stop listening to these folks being all intrigued.

They're actually engulfed in their problem and don't really want it to end.

It's an identity & they've drawn you into that problem as well.

Call after call. Video after video. Talking bout the SAME things.

They ain't wanting nothing to change. It's simply entertainment.

Don't allow yourself to be drawn in and your vibration to be lowered listening to mess that ain't gone change.




If you don't want solutions, @nursedei ain't the one. 🤭

I'll keep scrolling, cause you ain't talking bout nothing & clearly love the title of "Story Teller."

I won't answer the phone, cause you ain't talking bout nothing & clearly enjoy the title of "Damsel in Distress."

I won't call cause you ain't talking bout nothing & clearly like the title of "Lonely Introvert."

I ain't fooling with nobody who ain't hopping on that solution or coming up with alternative solutions.

If you just want to chitchat bout it, I think there's a tree outside that would love to hear it all. 🌳😁

Make sure you hug it for listening. 🤗 That'll help.




Even in my sarcastic joking I still threw in a MAJOR solution for healing. ⬆️ 🌳 Go get grounded, my love.

There is peace & healing energy all around you.

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