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The Price & the Value Have Been at This Level

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

I have discussed from the beginning that every client needs to be in a healing program for most efficient help.

I frequently wrote here, as well as in emails, and discussed it in office with every client, "The program is what you need. We need to work through what you have going on." ...💥Nurse Dei-ism: I've literally been saying this from YouTube to Facebook, to Twitter, to Tik Tok, to LinkedIn, to here, to email, to business text messages, to signs in office, to with my mouth talking going over an hour on sessions to explain we must work in a healing program and that this is a journey.

I think some folks just started reading my emails & posts. 😏 I have been sending out updates over the 4 years that @listeninghands1has been open.

I have clients who still come frequently who were some of the first people to enter the building from 2 locations ago. We have been growing together for years & there is no special grandfather pricing.

They pay the price because they know that this is a journey & the value is tremendous.

Please if you are new, or haven't been around in many years, hit me up by booking a consultation & we can discuss how the programs can help you specifically.

Don't hit that site like day------um.😏

 It's been this way. We were working session by session, then 1 month programs, 2 months, 3 months (I could go on and on)to 6 month & 1 year programs.

It has been a gradual increase over the years due to more sessions & various expert healing modalities being included in the programs.

Programs are 6-12months with 2 hour weekly sessions. (That's a lot of sessions for that price). 😉

That's why you see that price if you just came back to my site after a couple of years. I'm happy to discuss in consultation what you would like to achieve in program.

But, we ain't doing 1 time sessions anymore like we did years ago. There is no magic 1 time session & because clients and I have decided the programs are the most effective. See you soon in program.

Love you bye. 🤗

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