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Why the Walk in Purpose Program before the Holistic Reiki Master Program?

I've taught several ways and the last year+ this has been the best process with the Walk in Purpose Program ➡️ to Holistic Reiki Master Program.

In the past, I have had a couple of people in the cohort who had never had a Reiki Session...AND declined booking a Reiki Session. 🤔😏

That bothered me.

🤔 How will you provide a Healing Service to others that you have never had or felt?

🤔 How will you explain that Reiki can help if it has never helped you?

🤔 If you don't think it's worth paying for a session, why should anyone pay you to perform their session?

I had SO many questions as to what

brings one to sign up to learn the healing work & start a healing business with a service that they have never experienced? 🤔

In addition, it's nearly impossible to believe you can manifest in business:

1️⃣ With a healing service like Reiki that you've never consistently had.

2️⃣ You haven't worked on healing yourself so you have a lot of self doubt within.

3️⃣ The ego is in the way & you think you're a "powerful (priestess, goddess, god, witch, bruja, empath)" and all of the words we use to try and make ourselves worthy of bypassing our own extensive healing process. You know, because we are so elite in the spiritual world. 😏

4️⃣ You try to force business.

The list goes on. 😉



💥Nurse Dei-ism: Helping others heal is CONSTANT self-work.

It's recognizing who you are/where you are & doing the work.

Nobody is "healed" enough to have a Holistic Business and not have others who help them continue to be in healing energy.

It ain't just about you getting paid, but the healing energy cycling through you to others. 😏

It is also taming that ego so you can be humble in business & not forcing people to support you.🚫 That's not manifesting positively.




Basically, I got all of those sad messages in the past TWO WEEKS after class "I still don't have any clients how do you have so many?"

🤦🏾‍♀️ Like....Bruh...You want @listeninghands1 in 2 weeks that took me years to build??? 😔

I HAD to go through my own process too.

Let's just say, The Walk in Purpose Program prerequisite has eliminated all of that self doubt, etc, etc, etc, ETC. 😉

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