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You Can Get Started

🤔Did you know that with EVERYTHING you can just get started in one way or another?

I bet you're like, "she's one to talk! That pinned post lists way too many certifications that she got!" 😡 That's how I know. 🤭 I see me in a lot of people.

‼️But, the difference in my process & what I often see is that I made a decision to get started first. I said, "I'm about to do this," and got the certifications along the way. 😉

I didn't wait for the pieces of paper to give me the go-ahead to create what I knew was passionately burning inside of me. That burn gave me the courage to just go for it! 💪🏾🔥




💥Nurse Dei-ism: Do you feel that 🔥burn🔥⁉️

It's time to go for it!

We're not talking about walking off your job, cussing somebody out, then coming to me for 1 appointment & and saying, "OK, Dei, I'm ready. I quit my job. Now start my business; create my website; write my about me page; & get me clients TA-DAY!'

I give this scenario because it's happened a time or two. 😉 Like seriously?

How will you pay me if you walk off your job without a strategic plan? That's not the right energy to start. I create & produce results in a magical way, but this is not magic. 😏

I asked myself, "What on Earth in my wording said," Walk off & cuss everybody out & I can help you start a 6 figure business & have hundreds of clients same day?" Right. I never said that. That was those other folks on this internet that you were listening to, lying to you. 😏

This is true manifesting. Like true weight loss. It ain't a fad diet.

When you work with me, we WILL get it done. We will be working on manifesting the right way through energy & creating from your core. We will align you with your purpose path & produce results for what makes the real you truly feel fulfilled.

In that scenario above, we did make MAJOR things happen. They indeed did go off smiling, changed completely, with brand new businesses that they were passionate about....but whew chile that is NOT the right energy to get started. I had to cleanse all of that out. 💫😁

My certs do prove I can get it done, but it's really the fact that I've gotten it done & this is my purpose.

Let's work! Application below

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