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Your Giving Heart Still Flows

You are not broken. Your heart still beats, and love still flows.

Yes, you are afraid because of your past experiences with people who allowed the lower energy to stand tall within them.

Know that you have protection! You will be able to sense who is for you

Your intuition is your Divine voice. It speaks to you & helps nudge you back on the Higher path.

Have you been listening?




💥Nurse Dei™️-ism: These folks out here looking real crazy with eight eyes and 3 tongues, but you can't see it because your blinders are on.

You smelling cologne. "Ouu he fione gurl!"

🗣But did you see those extra eyes???

She got that coke bottle with a lil extra touch of surgical assistance ( no shade 😁, just creating the visual that she's "an eye catcher")

and you like, "Bruh, she bad! That's da one!"

🗣But did you see those extra tongues???

Look deeper, my friends.

So what are extra eyes and extra tongues?

Extra eyes are: His conversation is about things that you don't even see, because you think deeper and focus on what really matters.

He on celebrity gossip, who got the biggest car, buying more stuff, getting multiple streams of income being dishonest with his approach, constantly acquiring expensive stuff that will keep him having to have multiple streams of income & actively working until the day he transitions. All he sees is💰💰💰

Extra tongues are: Her conversation ain't about nothing. She's running her mouth about the next gossip & it's difficult to have a true, meaningful conversation with her. She's talking about the next trend, the next fad, & everything that is about popularity, being seen, & the bag. She flapping those tongues to get well known.

But you ain't thinking about none of that. 😏

These 2 should be together, but not with you. You're deeper. 🙏🏾 You CAN learn how to connect with fulfilling relationships.

I am @nursedei Holistic Nurse and International Intuitive Coach.

I help my clients feel amazing & reach their goals. Fill out an application to work with me 1 on 1.

Have you gotten over the same old, regular conversation and now you crave meaningful connections? (You may have gone through an awakening).

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