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Tiger's Eye has the power to bring insight, mental clarity, and protection.  It is a stone of strength that helps the wearer embrace their inner power and encourages them to embrace all of the layers of themselves. Tiger's eye is believed to increase meditation to bring forth Divine visions.  The diffuser lava stones on the bracelet promote courage, balance, and connection to the earth. 


Essential oils can be added to the diffuser bead on the bracelet to provide even more of a therapeutic effect.  Add Lavender or a stress relief blend to help with anxious feelings, or Ylang Ylang to promote relaxation. 


Feel strong & courageous with this beautiful Tiger's Eye Diffuser Bracelet! 


CHAKRA: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root 


Tiger's Eye Diffuser Bracelet

  • Tiger's Eye Diffuser Bracelet with lava beads made of natural volcanic rock.


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