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At Listening Hands® LLC, we believe in


Doing Everything Intuitively®


        Hello, my name is LaDeidra Wooten, affectionately known as "Nurse Dei".  I am a Holistic Registered Nurse, International Intuitive Coach, Certified Nurse Case Manager, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Traditional Usui Reiki Master (Teacher), Spiritual Counselor, and Marriage Officiant. I have a passion for helping people heal & live as their Higher selves through holistic therapies & intuitive coaching.  I attended the University of Memphis and received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2008. I have been a Registered Nurse for 12 years with most of my career in Emergency Nursing. I also have experience in Travel Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Intensive Care, Post-Anesthesia Care Unit, Case Management, and Holistic Nursing. I later completed additional training and became a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Georgia.

      While working as a traveling nurse and participating in volunteer medical mission trips, I connected with so many people across the world. It was at these times that I developed a profound understanding of how interconnected we are as one human race; no matter our ethnicity, background, or lifestyle.  I believe that we are here in this world to help one another and to learn from every individual we encounter along the path.

       I came to focus my career on Holistic/Complementary Therapy, case management, & coaching as I have always believed that it is important for an individual to be involved in their plan of care. I believe that better outcomes are achieved when the needs of the whole person are addressed including mind, spirit, and emotions. 

Picture of Nurse founder smiling in scrubs

Mrs. LaDeidra N. Wooten, BSN, RN, CCM, LMT
"Nurse Dei"

Holistic Nurse, International Intuitive Coach, & Spiritual Counselor

My Approach

As a Holistic Nurse & Intuitive Coach, I LISTEN to the individual needs of each client to provide exceptional and expert guidance to elevate your life. 


Your entire being is always emitting energy, creating energy fields.  These energy fields and neural pathways can become blocked, leading to malfunction, illness, unhappiness, and feelings of disconnection from the abundance in your life.  Through the energetic connection with an expert healing practitioner, emotions can be unpacked & energy can be released to relieve blockages.  When we pay attention to ourselves by listening to who we truly are inside, we can tap into our natural ability to move energy, repair ourselves, and heal our lives. 


Listening Hands® LLC provides Holistic/ Complementary Therapy, Holistic Services, and Intuitive Coaching to bring balance to your whole person (mind, body, spirit, and emotions) allowing you to elevate and connect with the energy to manifest your deepest desires.

Reiki Therapy

Listening Hands® LLC Philosophy

Welcome to Listening Hands® LLC.   This practice is committed to making special connections and providing exceptional services to clients. The Listening Hands® LLC philosophy is centered around the belief that everyone deserves to be heard and understood. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment where you can express yourself freely.

Listening Hands® LLC is a practice with values rooted in compassion and universal love.  We provide Holistic/Complementary Therapy, Holistic Services, as well as Intuitive Coaching for those who are seeking harmony and more abundance in your lives.  Holistic Therapy consists of modalities such as energy therapy, and natural healing modalities.  These therapies are combined with intuitive guidance and spiritual counseling to facilitate balance in the mind, body, and spirit. 

At Listening Hands® LLC, we believe in connecting with the Universal Healing Energy to help your whole being heal naturally allowing you to connect with your desires inside and outside of yourself.  This organization was founded on the fact that a personalized and culturally sensitive plan of care creates a healing environment that leads to better outcomes for the patient and a connection to happiness.  Connection to health and happiness is attributed to one listening to themselves: mind, body, and spirit and providing the loving care that your entire being needs. 

The work we do here at Listening Hands® LLC focuses on a holistic approach to addressing your needs by providing immediate interventions; as well as a care plan with tools to assist you well into the future. 


We, at Listening Hands® LLC, also thoroughly understand that all things in life are connected; just as the branches of a tree connect to the trunk; and the roots connect to the earth. All things are connected.  All things draw life from the Earth, and the Universal Healing Energy.


Abundance flows through this Earth and is always available.  Listening Hands® LLC provides a listening ear, guidance, & a vessel for the energy of abundance to flow to you!  Our goal is to work together and empower you to overcome challenges to live a fulfilling life.

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