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I have not had Holistic Therapy before. Which service would you recommend to start?

The Listening Hands® Elevation Program & Reiki Healing with Intuitive Healing. Your energy will be assessed, blockages cleared & you will receive a self-care plan for how to keep yourself balanced going forward. 


What is Holistic Therapy?


Holistic Therapy consists of modalities such as energy therapy, massage therapy, spiritual counseling, combined to help facilitate healing for the mind, body, & spirit. We believe in connecting with the Universal Healing Energy to help the whole person heal naturally. 


What are your hours of operation? 

Our Hours of Relaxation are listed below at the bottom of the site. We are open 6 days a week:

12pm-7pm Monday-Thursday, 12pm-6 pm Fridays & Sunday 12-5pm. CLOSED ON SATURDAY


I have questions before I book an appointment. I would like to call and explain my situation to see if this practice is a good fit.  Can I speak to the Holistic Nurse? 

Please book a consultation appointment listed under services so that we can dedicate enough time to adequately address your concerns. In addition, 1st visit Reiki appointments are 2 hours to allow for 30 mins for the consultation/assessment before treatment. 


Are you hiring?

Please click Open Positions on the sub menu under FAQs/Reviews. Instructions to apply listed. All Massage Therapists MUST be LICENSED in the state of Georgia. 


How can the services help me go deeper on my healing & spiritual journey?

The services are designed to help you heal on a deeper level. Many of the services allow you to relax even further than a meditative state. This allows you to release what is weighing on you, so that you can receive spiritual guidance for your life.


Bodywork, such as massage, is amazing as a stress reliever. However, it does not allow you to elevate into that space where your mind & spirit can heal. Each time you are touched, you remain present which does not fully allow you to "get away" & release on a deeper level. 


Below you will see the tiers for how our holistic services can help you:  


Body: Body Therapy, Reflexology

Mind: Reiki, Reflexology, Body Therapy

Spirit: Spiritual Counseling, Life        Purpose Coaching, Reiki

We also assist you with manifesting the life of your dreams; be it an increased level of happiness, a fulfilling relationship, a fulfilling career, or finding purpose in your life. 

We can help with our Manifestation Guidance Services. 

Manifestation Guidance: Manifestation Oracle Reading, Life Purpose Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Empowerment Sessions, Healing Classes, Training & Certification Classes to be certified as a Healer for others, Holistic Business Coaching to start your own Healing Business. 

Remember, in order to manifest great things, you must first raise your vibration & elevate into the space where great things exist!

Our services help you ELEVATE! 


I have had my first Reiki Session at Listening Hands® LLC. When should I follow up? How often do you recommend Reiki Sessions?

Congratulations! You are taking care of yourself on a deeper level: Mind, Body, & Spirit.  This is a huge step. 

We recommend the Listening Hands® Elevation Program or a Holistic Plan with Reiki Sessions at least monthly to keep you balanced mentally, physically, & spiritually. Monthly sessions will allow you to continue growing in your spiritual & healing journey, by allowing you to address any blockages. You will grow to understand how blockages develop & do the self work to prevent them. 

You will get to know yourself more, heal & develop a sound understanding of how to manifest positivity in your life. 




I have a mental health diagnosis such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Will Holistic Therapy help? 

Holistic Therapy is highly beneficial to  help bring balance to the whole person: mind, body, & spirit.  Holistic therapy is complementary therapy which means it is integrative healthcare to be combined with your treatment plan. We recommend integrating Holistic Therapy into your plan with your current Providers.

A Reiki + Intuitive Healing Session is a great place to start to assess your energy & clear any energy imbalances that may be causing you to feel off balance.  This sessions will identify your problems, & provide treatment that is beneficial holistically.


I would like a massage here. Why do I have to be in a program for a massage?

Listening Hands® LLC is NOT a spa. We are a Holistic Healing Space. Massage Therapy is actually most beneficial if utilized as a holistic therapy in combination with other services for deep healing. 


We believe in providing comprehensive treatments that help heal the whole person: mind, body, & spirit. Your therapist is a Licensed Massage Therapist as well as a Registered Nurse with extensive knowledge in Western Medicine, & Eastern Medicine, Energy Medicine Healing, Massage Therapy, & other Holistic Therapies.  This knowledge & skillset is used to intuitively connect with you to provide the most efficient healing services that include a combination of treatments. 

For example: Spas charge 60 min Deep Tissue Massage $85-$100 +$10 for Hot Towel Therapy + $10-$15 for Aromatherapy + $20-$30 for CBD +$20-$30 for Aromatherapy Scalp Massage + $15 for Massage Gun + $20 for Cupping = Total if all of these add-ons are selected $225+


We believe in a comprehensive treatment that always includes a combination of all of these healing treatments & allows you to save! You are guaranteed the best treatment every time.


Why is the new client price more? 

At Listening Hands® LLC, we help you heal holistically: mind, body, spirit. That is most effective when we are working together in and outside of sessions to help you achieve overal balance in your life.


Our clients care about themselves & have the understanding that holistic health is a lifestyle. They understand that services should be incorporated into their monthly self-care plans. 

You can bypass the "NEW CLIENT PRICE" by signing up for a package RIGHT AWAY (under the packages tab) and getting your self-care plan started.


Welcome to Listening Hands® LLC where we listen to what you need & get you on your way to being a happier, healthier you!  

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