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Abundance Is Also Assertiveness

We all know, "If it don't make dollars, then it don't make sense."




💥Nurse Dei-ism: If I say I'm volunteering my time, then I'm volunteering my time happily. Walking in my Divine purpose. 😁

If I ain't say I'm volunteering, then my time is money.

Get abundance is not all about meditation and butterflies. It also looks like setting your price & being clear about what will happen if that price ain't paid. Ya hear me?

In 2024, some big grown folks still want to play in your face and act like they gave you the right check. I don't play about how I feed my kids.

My resume speaks for itself. My energy reads, I'm going to do a great job by any means necessary. Whether it's through @listeninghands1

or @listeninghandscare OR any other roles.

If you feel a good job is not being done and I'm involved, YOU are the problem. 🤣 I'm a nurse and I'm gone nurse, if I say I'm going to be there.

If your clients don't show up to see Nurse Dei™️ during the alotted time, baby my price is still my price. You sign BSN, RN, CCM on the line. ✌🏾

That's on Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, my momma, and my hood.

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