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Added Work/Life Balance as an Affiliate Marketer

As an entrepreneur, I always aim to knock out multiple tasks at once.

Goal: Instead of dropping a 💰 on my baby's 1 year old party, make a 💰 on the party.😉

I am a Dollar Tree Affiliate! 🙌🏾🤑💵

Did you know that you can shop @dollartree online &  have your items shipped to you?

As a busy mom, & entrepreneur being able to get my items quick & easy important to me. 🥰

You can run into a Dollar Tree! 🗣 They're like everywhere or you can shop online.

Let me tell you a little secret....they have everything from party supplies, to art supplies, to home supplies, car supplies, food EVERYTHING! 🙌🏾😁

Please tell me you ARE shopping at Dollar Tree! ...‼️Click the link in my bio to shop Dollar Tree online & to apply to be a Dollar Tree Affiliate yourself!

What is an affiliate marketer?

Someone who gets paid to share their favorite items from a particular business. Apply!

Here's the link 👇🏾

Goal in 2024: Make a bag. Don't spend a bag.

And only spend a bag on learning how to make a bag. 😉 I teach.

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