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All New Knowledge is Prior Knowledge

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Stop letting people take away your courage

When you are getting started on a new venture, people will ask you how long you have been doing XYZ? They will try to size you up. Who knows why? Maybe it is just a curious question; & other times they may be trying to figure out what level of respect they will give you. But, do not fret!

Stand on your knowledge & skills. You have what it takes, because all new knowledge is PRIOR KNOWLEDGE! This means that nobody learns or does anything entirely new. Depending on your belief system, nothing in this life that we see is a new idea or creation. We are simply having an Earthly experience in this realm; viewing the beauty of what is, what has been and what is yet to come.

When you understand that you are Spirit, you understand that you are all knowledge & understanding. Everything that you need is within you!

Your business ideas came to you for a reason--because they were already within you! You are aligning with your higher purpose. Being in alignment with your purpose will allow you to feel your inner power. This is what we call the Manifestation Energy.

Manifestation Energy builds up in the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is important to work on your Solar Plexus energy (courage & confidence) when you are starting a new business venture or moving into a new role.

The Solar Plexus is the 3rd chakra. It governs your personal power, self-manifestation, self- esteem, motivation, courage, excitement, & vital energy.

The energy in your Solar Plexus allows you to be courageous in your journey towards your dreams. It is that "gut feeling" that you can get the job done! The Solar Plexus not only gives you physical strength, but mental strength as well to know that you have the power to make a difference in your life.

Many of our clients book the Elevation Empowerment Session which includes Crystal Reiki with Chakra Alignment + Life Purpose Coaching. This Empowerment Session includes a unique combination of services that focus on getting you charged up to manifest your goals!

Reiki with chakra alignment balances all of the chakras (energy) in your body to raise your vibration to a higher frequency. All good things are at a higher frequency. Life Purpose Coaching helps you align your thoughts & ideas with your purpose. This process will allow you to make positive changes in your career as well as your life.

During an Empowerment Session at our office, your Practitioner will also specifically focus on building up your inner power.

When your energy is charged up, it won't matter if you started your new role yesterday. You will be able to freely spit out the knowledge that is already within you! Stand up & be proud in who you are. You are doing your thing & you have been prepared with the tools for this journey!

  • LaDeidra N. Wooten, BSN, RN, CCM, LMT

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LaDeidra Wooten is a Registered Nurse who specializes in Holistic Nursing & Holistic Therapy. She attended the University of Memphis and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in 2008. During her 13 years as a Nurse, LaDeidra completed extensive training & obtained several certifications in Holistic Health and Nursing. She is a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association. LaDeidra is also an avid reader and enjoys sharing the knowledge she gains to help all individuals be happy and healthy. She continues to study and stay abreast of clinical information, through nursing scholastic journals , training programs, holistic literature, and personal experience with holistic therapy. After a number of years in Emergency/Trauma Nursing, and meeting so many people during transitions in life, LaDeidra realized Holistic Nursing is her passion . She now works in private practice as a Holistic Nurse and provides Holistic & Complementary Therapy . She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Certified Nurse Case Manager, Life Purpose Coach & Spiritual Counselor. Through her work as a Nurse Case Manager, she was able to witness that a personalized, and culturally sensitive plan of care creates a healing environment and leads to better outcomes for the patient.  When not with patients, LaDeidra enjoys creating unique products to help people relax and heal naturally. She believes Holistic Health is extremely important and this is her life's work. She is very proud to offer holistic & complementary therapy to be integrated into a conventional medicine plan of care to help heal the whole person: mind, body, spirit, and emotions. To learn more about Holistic Therapy & to book an appointment visit: #empowerher #holdmyhand #womeninbusiness #blackgirlsmeditate #consultant #onlinebusiness #womeninleadership #productiveentrepreneur #onlinebusinesscoach #womenwhohustle #womenwhoalign #manifestationcoach #creativepreneur #workfromhomelifestyle #personalgrowthjourney #abundantlife #workitgirl #ceomindset #thehappynow #onlinecoaching #onlineentrepreneur #smallbusiness #onlinecoach #intuitivehealer #healersofinstagram #nursesofinstagram #lifecoaching #healingjourney #spirituallifecoach

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