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Are You Called or Are You Supposed to be Helping Yourself?

I've always been what you see now.

But, nope, I have not always been @nursedei out front leading a movement.

I never wanted to be Charge Nurse. I never wanted to be in the front.

I wanted to chill, all day every day. Get it done efficiently, but not try to tell other people what to do or make somebody do what they are supposed to do.

I felt like being a manager or a boss was a pure headache. So, I chose to elevate my mind in silence.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: I ain't trying to make grown folks do what grown folks are supposed to do.

I didn't hide, but I sat in the cut with my knowledge.

Whenever the company sent out an ole basic mindfulness email or mindfulness modules, I did them. I continued to do my meditations, etc that I knew to do. I didn't turn to my coworkers like "Gurl, you need to do this mindfulness module. I'm getting spiritual! You need to leave yo baby daddy & do this and that." Nah.

I've been reading books, going deeper, & meditating my whole life. BUT, it was for me.




Then, I was called and pushed out front. Literally, in a meditative state, I heard what I should be doing.

If I would have been sitting in church....I might have walked up to the front, grabbed the mic, and said 🗣🎤 "Pastor I'm called to preach!" Like I've seen so many people do during my life in a church service. 🤭

Everybody ain't called to preach 😏😁 and I sure wasn't. The Lawd be saying heal my child, here's the way" and they be like "I'm a preacha, I'm a guru!" 🤭 Maybe so. 🤷🏾‍♀️

But nah, the message was different for me, and I'm so glad I got it right. whew 🥵 I was called to help heal. To help elevate. To lead a movement of being at peace and balanced holistically.

I couldn't hide in the cut any longer. I had to speak up and speak out about how to enjoy living.




Are you guru-ing? Have you looked within to see if you should really be guru-ing OR was the message for you and only you?

We do get messages for ourselves that don't necessarily mean it's a message to force on others.

Do that self analysis.

Maybe you're supposed to be a Healer. Maybe a helper. Maybe you're supposed to be you, but happier. ⬇️

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