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Are You Living Holistically?

So many people say, "I'm going the holistic route," when they are explaining how they are going to work on an issue that has become bold in their life.

However, the holistic route is making choices for your mind, body, & spirit daily; instead of waiting until you don't feel balanced to choose yourself.

Holistic is a lifestyle. It is a choice for balance, not a remedy for neglect.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: Are you going the holistic route or are you chasing problems & throwing natural remedies at it?

Waiting until you feel bad is not holistic at all, even if you choose a more natural way to solve your problems.

Many people interchange the word "holistic" with "natural." They actually have different meanings.

Natural means...well natural.

Holistic means working on the mind, body, & spirit collectively to promote balance in the whole being.

Do you see the complexity of the word holistic versus natural? When you interchange these words, you really don't understand how you will get holistic results.

When you feel bad, you have to choose to be holistic going forward in order to get the results you are looking for.

‼️This means it's not let me: overwork, overeat, overstress, dehydrate myself, not stretch, get no sleep, argue all day, be petty, gossip & be jealous, let folks run all up & through my energy, slang-a-lang with any & everybody, ingest toxicity from multiple avenues & into multiple orifices, hold grudges on purpose, drink kool-aid & liquor by the gallon, smoke trash weed, get into physical fights on the daily, cuss everybody out then say let me go holla at Nurse Dei cause I ain't feeling good & I'm going the holistic route. 👀👀👀

🗣You whuuut? 🤔You're kidding me right?

My throat chakra is open. If you ain't holistic, imma tell you. And you can choose to get that thang together & strive for making holistic choices going forward, or you can choose the see saw, yo-yo route of only taking care of issues instead of taking care of yourself.

Do you love yourself?

Well then, truly live holistically by making choices for your balance. Holistic is not about being perfect. It's about trying to choose the things that align with your peace.

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