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Are You Walking in Your Divine Nature?

Do you know how you feel before the masses tell you how to feel?

Do you know what you believe before the masses tell you what to believe?

The messages that are projected do not have to be accepted.

You do not have to believe that anything goes for your life. You can have standards. You can have boundaries. You can have ideals and beliefs that are unique to you OR you can even still accept what was passed down to you from your Ancestors.

The choice is up to you.

But, the choice is up to you only if you stop letting yourself be fed the mainstream ideals & beliefs.

If you keep allowing yourself to be fed, then the choice is not yours, because you have consumed what you can't help but to digest.

You become what you consume & now you are that.

💥Nurse Dei-ism: Yo great great grandmomma told you, "My sweet child. A lady does ____________."

Now her beautiful soul has transitioned to pure energy & her teachings float in the ether.

Yet, they are within you. Remember!

Cause these folks that are physically here done said do anything.

Let em see it! Let anything go and let anybody get a little bit of yo energy. 🗣"Cause you ain't married yet."

Ugh. 🙄🤢




Remember who you are........


I'm not here to "be positive" & post colorful memes. I'm here to remind you that you are Divine in a turbulent world.

We are physically here, but we are Divine. We still have Divine power. You can still demand the winds to be still & have peace in your life. You have the power.

Power is not in going with the flow of the crowd. That is assimilation & loss of self.😔

Are you Divine or are you simply "cause I ain't married yet?"

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