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Don't Do Things For Your Past

A lot of us become more accomplished after a break up.

We become stronger, finer, 😉, and more determined.

But, you actually shouldn't stay in that "Look at me now! I know you regret this!" space for long.


It's actually not vibing high. 🤔

You should want more for your exes, more for those who once knew the old you...just like you wanted more for yourself.

People make mistakes in the infantile stage of understanding our purpose on this Earth. It should not be a sentence to the dreaded hole of forever regret. 🕳🙅🏾‍♀️

YOU have to get to the point of forgiving & releasing (in your timing) in order to float higher without that weight holding you down.

We see everything more clearly from a higher vantage point. Life is beautiful when we strive to elevate & see above clouds. 🌈🌞...

💥Nurse Dei-ism: Chile what you want for him to regret you till the day he die???

Nah, that's low vibrational my love.

Send that mane some white light, cut that cord, transmute that energy, cleanse yourself & rise.

(Need help? Book your appointment with the link in my bio.  This is my specialty. 😉)

Ain't nobody trying to be in the gym squatting errday so an ex can see that 🍑 & regret you.

Chile, you got better things to do.

DO squat, but put your mind & your energy into more positive reasons for your goals.

That's when you will TRULY see a transformation in your life.

Until then, you will still be under the negative words, abuse, lies, cheating, or whatever it was that made you leave in the first place. ⛓️🔗

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