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Don't Just Blindly Follow Advice

Everyone has biases. We are all trained to work on them, however, they still can play a part in the approach and suggestions that we make.

Before you choose a coach, you need to know their approach?

What viewpoint are they coming from?

Do they believe in what you are trying to achieve?

You have many very important questions to answer before you choose a coach and a therapist. (We often need both.)

Learning how to use your intuition is one of the most important skills you will learn, as it keeps you in alignment with your desires for your life.

This is also why learning to use your intuition is one of the main concepts that you will learn in the Listening Hands®️ Elevation Program.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: So you want a coach, or a therapist, or a doctor, lawyer, sister, brother friend; yet you haven't learned how to use your own intuition.

How is that going to work?🤔

They are telling you all wrong (for you) and you rolling with it cause you don't know any better.

SURELY, they wouldn't tell you to do something wrong.

They are a big name....maybe on TV and everything.

Got you in a group coaching program with fiddy (50 🤭) other "like minded individuals."

Does that even make sense?

How does group coaching make sense (for you)?

How are you able to use your intuition when you are placed in a hoo-rah, let's march together band wagon type situation?

My are like me, unique & individualized.

How is there a whole "group of like-minded individuals who understand you?"


I'm lucky to find one person who understands me. 🤭

I know you feel the same and I get it. Like I GET it.

Let's work! 💪🏾



💫I am Nurse Dei: Holistic Nurse & International Intuitive Coach. ⬇️



💛I help people feel amazing! Fill out an application to work with me 1 on 1.



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