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Don't Listen to People Who Don't Know How to Manifest

People love to be experts on subject matters that they know nothing about.

People love to tell you about how your process will not work.

Once it works, they will tell you why it worked for you, but wouldn't work for them or anyone else.

They don't know what they are talking about. They are not experts of manifesting desires.

They are experts of self doubt, lack of confidence, & complacency. 😉

When you're an expert of manifesting your desires , you KNOW it's going to work.


Because you are going to MAKE it work.

Eliminate the self-doubt, lack of confidence, low energy, as well as unbalanced energy and anything works.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: Baby you ain't even ask them, but they're hopping in that commentary seat.

Know nothing about the sport, but grabbing the mic to explain each play.

Boy you watched a few games of pickle ball, 🏓but you wanna tell me how to work this court?

I'm shooting hoops. 🤭🏀🗑

Gurl, you watched a few matches of 🎾 tennis, and you wanna tell me what I'm doing is a foul.


You don't know this sport. Watching from the sidelines you don't know about manifesting anything. You haven't even touched a ball.




Tell these folks this is your sport & you got this. You've been training all your life, got your head in the game, and bout to shake and bake to the net. 😁

Take it straight to the hole....while they watch. Then, drop back to the 3 point line and "YUUU-OOOP!" (You know that sound we made in highschool at the game when they dropped a 3! 🤣🤣)

We yuu-oop! Over here! All day. 😉




Are you missing the goal?

Do you feel like you lack the skills to play the game?

Do you keep getting fouled?

Did yo daddy play football, but he trying to tell you how to play basketball?

Was yo momma a cheerleader, but she trying to tell you how to shoot?

(Gul hush....respectfully. 🙏🏾😁)

Learn how to play ball & win. 🏆⬇️

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