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Don't Lose Your Peace in the Name of Authenticity

Ok, we have to nip this in the bud right now.

Society always tries to define everything & push what that definition looks like. When it comes to this wave of "being authentic," society is once again trying to demand certain information for one to measure up to being authentic.

🗣Share how you found your partner!

🗣Share how you got a happy marriage!

🗣Share yourself getting ready every morning.

🗣Share your new baby!

🗣Share your home birth.

🗣Share your vagina getting waxed.

🗣Share a video of your entire home.

🗣Share when you're in a depressed mood.

🗣Share when you lose money.

🗣Share when you make money.

🗣Share how you made the money.

🗣Share screenshots of your bank account.

🗣Share yourself working out.

🗣Share yourself when your diet is too hard.

🗣Share yourself falling asleep & waking up.

🗣Share! Share! Share!


🛑STOP right now! All of this in the name of "authenticity?"

You determine what you want to share. The amount you share doesn't determine if you are authentic or not.



💥Nurse Dei-ism: 🗣"Let me see pics of you and yo man or it's not real. Now y'all gotta kiss. Now show me the baby y'all had exactly when they came out so I can see that they came out of you. Make sure you turn them around so I can see their face. Now show me the car you drive & your house."

(No, these things have not been said to me. I am an observer...and problem solver. 🤭😁 I see a bigger problem.)

Authenticity these days is just another ploy for folk to be deep up in your business.

The definition of authenticity is "real."

Are you really being real if you are sharing your whole detailed life on a phone camera screen?

As I have said multiple times before, even the smallest living organisms behave differently when they are being watched...even more so when they are being recorded.

This authenticity phase aint real. 😏



In addition, alot of people do this, so I'll address this too right now. ⬇️

🗣Stop googling folks' houses & how much they cost. You're weird.

They invite you to something & before you get there, you done Googled the house on the real estate websites. 🙄😏 Weird.



Don't overshare for "authenticity." You deserve privacy.

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