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Don't Play Yourself

If ever you thought, she just trying to make money....

Check this out: If you study natural healing, Shamanism, the History of Healers, you know that traditionally Healers were "paid" by being taken care of. They didn't take money.

1. Because money wasn't a thing. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Money is not that old, you know.

2. They were taken care of by the community for helping others heal. They had a place to live, food, clothes, furs, everything.

3. So, essentially they WERE rich. They had everything they needed provided to them by the people they helped heal. Barter & trade WAS the currency.💲

4. Being a Healer was their only "job" so the community took care of them for their work. They were paid with goods & stability.

THAT is why you may have heard that "traditionally healers helped people for no pay," but not by any means were they "broke" & having to work 2 & 3 jobs to provide for themselves & family.

Now, we actually have currency that we buy things with & in order to have stabilty one must have food, clothes, shelter. We need use our pay (money, currency) to get those things. It aligns my friend.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: Bruh! Shouldn't nan Healer be out here broke & struggling....trying to have. Healing Practice on the 2 and 3 jobs cause they SKED to take pay or ask for enough pay with their services.

Yo ancestors weren't struggling like that in the name of helping others heal.

Come see me. 😉 We need to talk.

Secondly, if I ever contact you & say "Hey just thought about you. Hope you're doing well." It is genuine.

I often get feelings the reason why I hit you up like that. (Only for clients, not random people who I haven't worked with). It's like when you feel the need to check on your family member & they needed you right then. 😉 I do get those feelings. Use when I just think about a client like that, they book an appointment & pop up on my calendar....then I'm like *snap* I KNEW something was going down.

THIS is also why I say block those people in your DMs talking about their feeling things for you. A lot of times they are random, but if you talk back they can ⬇️

Start to tap in and pull info from your energy. Contacting random people to do a reading is not cool, because we shouldn't tap into your energy until you give permission. If ever I make a mention something to you, it's because it would be helpful for what you have going on. I don't make recommendations. I suggest and you decide if that's what you want to do. I hardly do this, but I do sometimes suggest to clients I've worked with...because I get a feeling for what would help you. It's up to you what you need. You have your own intuition and are a Healer as well....1st the healer of yourself. 🤗

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