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Don't Work With Me If You are Not Ready for Your Success to Skyrocket

Yes, I recommend that entrepreneurs use LinkedIn in & other social media avenues as well.

You will find the one that you like best and you can dedicate more time there.

For example: Instagram is the space that I like most. However, if you swipe, I also have active profiles in all of these spaces: IG, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Sound Cloud 🤭 (Yep, I've made some music in the studio. You've heard some of it over the years on my videos. 😁) Podcast.

‼️My most favorite spot is my Empowerment Blog on my website, where I write & post videos. 🥰




💥Nurse Dei-ism: If you ain't ready to be everywhere & be known in many spaces, then you don't want to work with me. 🤭😁

I'm gone get you out there!

But, it has to fit who you are.

Like me, I'm not doing interviews, articles, & going on TV, Radio & and all of that.

Can I? Yes. I decline the requests.

Why? Because I'm enjoying entrepreneurship. I never want it to become too much work & too much running around pushing myself into a space that doesn't align with who I am.

Yes, you have to be uncomfortable sometimes to grow. That is absolutely true.

I can go run my mouth on a TV program, it will give tremendous growth, but will I love it? Will I enjoy myself.

‼️At what point is your dream, simply just a job because you've pushed yourself too much?




THIS👆🏾 Is why you need an Intuitive Coach & not just a coach.

My job is certainly to push you further, however, you shouldn't be in tears about it.

So many clients have come to me because their Business Coach kept saying do this and that (or you ain't doing nothing, basically).They were so defeated and broken.

The requests and space didn't align with them.

I am Holistic. Holistic Business Coaching & Intuitive Coaching is VERY different.

I can feel you. I teach you how to feel yourself & how to make major moves that are part of your Divine life path.

It's destiny....not the push from society to be an 8 figga trigga ligga by next week. 😉😁 Abundance ALWAYS flows in alignment.

‼️Last spot in the Listening Hands®️ Elevation Program Plus is ready for you! Enrollment Closes July 31st.

See you soon! ‼️Virtual & In person.

Apply here

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