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Embrace your Shadow Self

It's important to have a balanced ego, or you will look up & see nothing but darkness.

We want to show up a certain way to the world (the ego); so we act like all of our thoughts are angelic & we have it together.

We post positive quotes, scriptures, & inspirational messages.

Then, one day 💥BAM! We fall apart & we look nothing like the person we were trying to be.

It's because that person wasn't real.

Even the sweetest, most "perfect" person has a shadow side. You have to sit with it, embrace it, and understand all of your feelings in order to have full control of your reactions.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: That shadow side will slap you & curse you out. 🤬 🤭

That shadow side has fantasies.

That shadow side doesn't always want to do the "right" thing.

That shadow side is the cause of many failed marriages, broken relationships, & slapped friends. 🤣🤭 I mean broken friendships. 🤣🤣

They acted like everything was peachy, roses, & buttercream till one day they slipped up & kept sliding. 😉

When you have those shadow thoughts, sit with them & break them down.

"Man, why do I want to just glue my friend's lips together or why am I having this crazy fantasy that is so not me?!?!"

Embrace your 💩 & work on the emotions behind it before you be covered in 💩. 😉




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