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Empath You Need Other Empaths

You can't be the only giver in your crew.

It's not fun to be drained by the people you help & blocked by the other empathic people that you thought were your support system.

Let me explain:

As empaths/healers we often learn how to protect ourselves by putting up a shield & blocking others' energy. We also learn boundaries.

However, if you are the Healer in need you can be in a position where everyone is draining you & other healers have up their shield.

In this instance, how do you get what you need?



🤔Did you know that many people are empathic/sensitive, but many are not mature enough in their work to be the healer for others?


Because they haven't learned the practice of putting up a filter to protect themselves that feels soft & loving INSTEAD of a shield with hard boundaries. A filter allows healing energy to flow back and forth without the healer being drained while helping others.



When a person who was helping you puts up a SHIELD it can feel abrasive & you can feel shut out on the receiving end. On the other hand, if a person puts up a FILTER you feel like you are still supported (although the Healer is still protected from being drained).

It's beautiful reciprocation that is NECESSARY for healthy relationships allowing healers to help each other.



💥Nurse Dei-ism: I hope that makes sense. That's why my bio says Healing the Healer, because I teach this.

Just because you are sensitive, feel a lot for others, & have helped your friends, etc doesn't mean you're ready for all of that. If you're drained, you're not doing it right.

And what happens when we get drained as Empathic people?

We throw up that shield that we've heard about and those hard boundaries of "I ain't doing this and this no mo!"

And everyone is like dang what's wrong with you!?!?!

You can do it that way or you can learn how it really works & how to help people without wearing yourself out.

AND you have to get you some empathic support people who feed healing energy into you & who also know more protection skills than the ole abrasive shield.




Wanna know more about how to handle your sensitivity?

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