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Energy Healing

Reiki Healing, Healing Touch, Quantum Healing, Prana Healing, Therapeutic Touch Theta Healing, Crystal Healing, & Chakra Healing are all forms of Energy Healing.

Energy Healing @listeninghands1 is called (Crystal) Reiki + Intuitive Healing, because I have been trained in most of the above forms of Energy Healing. I also continue to study all of the above + Mediumship, Readings, Spiritualism, Nursing, Eastern Medicine, Reflexology, Herbalism, Massage Therapy & more! 😉📚

Intuitive Healing means I feel your energy (based on my studies & experience) and provide you with the Healing & Guidance that you need to be fulfilled in your situation.

The term "Energy Healing" can be confusing because there are so many different Energy Healing Programs & Certifications.

Just know that you will be lead to the right Healing Practice & the Healing Practitioner who is right for you.

It may be beneficial to you to go to someone who is well trained & well versed in multiple forms of Holistic Healing. 🙋🏾‍♀️

I am here when you need me. 💚




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