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Energy Transference

Soooo, some things have changed.

No matter how much a Healer is grounded, knowledgeable, experienced, well-trained & careful there are still risks to this work.

"Energy Transference, Psychic Attack, Spiritual Warfare, Heavy Aura, Empath Issues, etc" (whatever term resonates with you) are REAL‼️

Basically, all of these terms mean negative energy can transfer between individuals; and because this has been even more evident with the more sessions that I do, you will see a few changes on my site.

1️⃣ You canNOT be trained to do the work that I do unless you have taken the Walk in Purpose Program FIRST; even if you are a current client. (It's for your own sanity & safety as well as my sanity.)

2️⃣ The Walk in Purpose Program IS the recommendation for EVERYONE, because it is a thorough Healing/Manifesting/ Grounding/ Strengthening Program to help you with whatever you are going through in your life.

3️⃣ You can still book a 1 time session instead of the Full Program if you like. Note: The currency exchange will reflect the level of risk as ALOT of heavy energy transference can occur during the first session with a new client. Also, when a client needs deep healing to be done in 1 session, it takes a lot of knowledge, experience, & energy to make sure the Healer is protected.

4️⃣ Current Clients take advantage of lower pricing as you have committed to doing the work to continue in a happy healing space.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: Basically, I'm getting clients from everywhere with multiple layers that need to be unpacked.

Many come with energies that are dark & heavy that they had no clue were even with them.

They just knew they didn't feel good, but didn't know why.

The price is never "worth" the risks to help remove the energies, but it's NECESSARY for us to have a place to heal @listeninghands1 🙏🏾

‼️Fill out the application at the bottom of to determine if @nursedei can help you with your situation. (Link in bio)

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