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Focus on Your Purpose Not Your Problems

Focus on your purpose, not your problem.

When you focus on your purpose, the energy is rich and strong.

You can continue to make things happen.

When you focus on your problems, the energy is wavering, & heavy. You even feel weak in the knees & like you have a weight on your back with that heavy, unsteady energy.

How can you continue moving forward in your purpose with that energy?

It's very difficult. That energy stops you dead in your tracks. 👣 🛑

When that energy of your problems creeps in:

🔴You get worried.

🔴You start to feel queasy in your stomach.

🔴You start to feel heavy & tired.

🔴You start to lose your motivation to keep going because the road looks so dreadful & long.

🔴You even start to switch up the plan really quickly to try to combat those worried feelings stirring up.

And this happens over, and over again. 🌀

What is the solution?


That's the energy that keeps you going strongly on your purpose path.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: That purpose energy will have you like, "I can do this all day🥷🏿"

You feel that lil dip in yo hip, cause it's like mane! I'm making a difference.

I feel it in my body.

You ain't thinking bout, ouuu gotta do this or gotta do that or gotta make this much.

Just drop down low and roll wit it! 💃🏾 🤭🤣

Ain't nobody worrying when we're walking in purpose.

Problems look like they can be fixed with a butterfly, tootsie roll, and a stanky leg. 🦨🦵🏾😁

You betta dance all over your problems.

(That's why in church they be getting it & dancing. I get it now. 🤣 As a lil girl I was like they cray cray up in here. Grown folks running & skidaddling.)

But Bay Bay, you better cut a rug & tear up that flo!

Your purpose is much bigger than your problems.




Feeling like you don't know your purpose? THAT'S why you keep focusing on your problems.

I can help!



💫I am Nurse Dei: Holistic Nurse & International Intuitive Coach. ⬇️



💛I help my clients feel amazing & reach their goals! Fill out an application to work with me 1 on 1.



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