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Get off Social Media!

Stop thinking you are getting somewhere & Manifesting by scrolling on social media all day, typing amen, & dropping hearts because you were told on the post "If you agree, drop a heart".

Or, "To show your faith, type amen". 🤔

Nope, manifesting takes action off of social media. 🥴

They are instructing you to do those actions on THEIR posts for THEIR business purposes. It's called a "call to action" and it's basic social marketing tactics.

A true action for manifesting on social media is making YOUR own posts, for YOUR own business with YOUR own call to action for YOUR clients. 😉

Or to simply use social media to find who you really want to work with OFF social media to manifest in your real life.

Let's get you going. Let's work! 💪🏾

Click the link in the bio to book your appointment.





See that....That was a call 📞 to action. 🎬🤭😁

Again, liking these posts each day & following the actions the page tells you to do is NOT manifesting unless you're clicking that book button & really working with a professional. 😉 We do use social media to market & let you know we can help.

It's up to you to get true help with your manifesting & not just be scrolling all day.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: I ain't on social media unless it's making me money. If I didn't have businesses, I wouldn't be tapping, liking, or saying Amen on nan posts.

That's wasting valuable time for what you could be doing in real life in this play life world of social media.

I KNOW you feel like typing that amen like they told you to do gone get you that money the post talked about or that husband the post talked about...nope.

Sorry to be Thelma Tell You How It Is or Betty Bust Yo Bubble.

Stop letting social media TRICK you into what manifesting looks like. They manifesting. You ain't. 🥴




Not until you take TRUE action, off the phone & computer. to learn more & to work with me on helping you manifest for real for real. 😉

You got this! 💪🏾

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