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Group Coaching is Not the Answer

Puh-leeze use your intuition!

Stop getting convinced by the trends & what is fed to you on social media. OK check this out ✅️ Group coaching has become the way to "scale" a business & you have been convinced that it's the best choice for you as well.

Here's why it's not:

🤔What is the number 1 reason why you put things down & don't get to the point of the success that you want?

1️⃣ Fear

2️⃣ and COMPARISON‼️

By comparing yourself to others, you start to feel like you haven't done enough or haven't done it the right way.

This is why group coaching is lucrative for the coach, but can be detrimental for you.

The cohort or group is supposed to be a support system (they say 😉), but manifesting is SO much different from a boot camp fitness group.

In fitness, the energy flows over if you are near someone who is running faster or lifting more. THIS IS PHYSICAL ENERGY!

When it comes to mental & spiritual energy, things change. You get major results when the energy is focused on you and your goals instead of multiple people. You also don't feel other people's fear or doubt flowing over to you. You also don't feel the affects of your perception that someone is "in front of you" and doing more.

Example: This is why at so many huge conferences everyone is like "YES, WE CAN DO THIS," but leave and get very little done.

This is why with the MLM companies the people at the top are making millions, but the people at the bottom have lost their drive. This is a form of group coaching. The coach & the people at the top succeed, but listeners & coachees often lose their drive.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: This is also why so many folks sitting up at church like Yes Lawd...then leave and forgot everything they said they would do. 😉

Group coaching is effective IN THE MOMENT, like for a workout to physically get something done then.

It is not effective for manifesting and reaching your goals.

Stop letting these folks lie to you. 1 on 1 with someone who knows what they are doing is MOST effective. 😉

Let's work! 💪🏾

Fill out an application to work with me 1 on 1

Everything I touch turns to gold. We will have big wins. 🏆

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