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Hire Your Support Team

I've realized that pregnancy is a very spiritual experience that can go either way.

There can be beautiful times & there can be other times where you don't feel like yourself....ON TOP of what life throws at you. Normally, I'm ducking, dodging, handling it with my normal flow of healing sessions for myself.

But, my body started remembering the past trauma of the last birth (what made me open @listeninghands1 for all of us. You only get to hear this story if you're in one of my classes or programs because it's so personal) And I found myself dealing with some things & struggling with some feelings.

I didn't call my momma (she's busy).

I didn't call my sister (she's UBER busy).

My person was my husband because he's a part of this pregnancy journey AND I hired an ADDITIONAL Healer so that my husband is not carrying the whole burden of what I release.

This topic came to me, because I thought about it this morning, "Dang, I ain't heard from my family in a week or so by phone & we used to talk daily in the mornings." Then that regular ole negative voice was trying to say "They sholl aint checked on you." (That 😈 🥷🏿 trying me).

But, honestly I, ME, didn't feel any type of way about it. We all have been super busy & I have been JUST fine. I was like, "but I'm good!" I have my support warriors and my family is ancillary support (when they have time) & I am perfectly OK with that. 🥰🙏🏾



We have to stop feeling like our family & friends should be our Therapists, Healers, Support Groups, etc. They are certainly a part of your team, but we all have to live.

There are Professionals who are WAITING & WILLING to help you through your struggles.



💥Nurse Dei-ism: Do like me & look boogie in no name clothes. 🤭 Leave those Ye's, Jordans, & Red Bottoms on the shelves & hire your support team!!

My money goes towards folks who help me stay in a beautiful healing place.

Think about it & consider if you want to look good or if you want to feel good. And honestly most of y'all can do both. It's just a decision you HAVE to make.

I'm at when you need me.

Virtual & In office Sessions are available ✨️✨️✨️

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