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Holistic Nurse Here

A couple of people still think "Listening Hands" means massage or massage only. (This person always calls me a Massage Therapist).

It's not incorrect to call me a Massage Therapist. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. However, I became licensed as a Registered Nurse first, so that's what I am. I also became Certified as a Nurse Case Manager before massage school.

These specialities & other holistic healing modalities blended together make me a Holistic Nurse.

Massage is the last service that I added on & the service I provide the least. Therefore, it isn't my main title. 😉

I mostly do Reiki + Intuitive Healing, Crystal Reiki + Intuitive Healing, Spiritual Counseling/Life Purpose Coaching. ( about 85% of the appointments)

Current clients often do a blend of services & may switch up for Comprehensive Healing Massage to ground the body, etc.

I also teach classes & train others.

It's ok if you thought @listeninghands1

was just a fancy massage. 😉 It is my job to show you how it is a Healing Space & miracles happen. 🙏🏾


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