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How to Contact me

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

770-778-1702- Desk Phone

470-777-7731 - Business Text Line

Most clients have both of these numbers.

Texting the bottom number is the best form of contact, because it is connected to my website.

When you text, it populates in the chat box on the site & it connects to your account.

So, I can see all of your appointments, any follow up emails I've sent, & all communications we've had.

‼️This number is NOT for sending me memes, pictures, just texting "good morning, thinking about you", or messaging after hours.

I know it feels like we are just texting. However, you are texting, but I'm responding through the computer system. 🤗

The top number is the desk phone. I answer when not with another client. If you want to pop in & shop quickly book an appointment on the site or text the business number to make sure there's an opening.

‼️Appointments are booked through the website at

Or through the Listening Hands LLC app!

These are your most valuable tools.

There are so many options for contact & we have been having seamless connections.

Thank you so much! 💚

See you soon. 🤗

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