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Invite in More Positive Energy

Often times, when you talk about "energy" some people will say, "What energy? Where is this energy coming from?"

They might even say, "I don't know about that...what energy are you inviting in?"




❗️Class time❗️

Everything is energy. Some form of energy. You are energy. Solid matter is lots of energy (bonds of remember chemistry) put together to form something that you can see.

Your emotions are also energy. First a thought, then a charge, then you feel something within your being.

Energy is ALWAYS available:

🔋positive and negative

💡 higher and lower

⚡️calming and chaotic

🪨 heavier and lighter

The list goes on.

YOU choose what energies you allow to penetrate your aura (come into your energy fields) and what type of energy you choose to emit.

You can choose to emit positive energy & when you don't feel ideal you can choose to invite in positive or balancing energy or higher energy to lift you up and heal those blocked spaces.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: But nawl! Some of y'all wanna invite in that messy energy, that drama, that Jezebel

But wanna say, "What energy are you inviting in?"

The opposite of that right there 👉🏾 that's showing up in you making you feel terrible after it gets done flowing. 🤭

Cause get this, my friends, when you feel 💩💩y stop looking at other folks for the answer of who did it.

Look at self & think about what energies you are allowing into your spaces. THAT'S who you need to look at: SELF


or I promise you, at some point YOU gone feel messy inside. 😉




What's our #️⃣1️⃣ Monday rule? Stay away from those gossiping folks & keep yo mouth off folks! 😉😁

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