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Is it Depression or a Spiritual Awakening?

Many people self-diagnose their spiritual awakening as "depression."

💡When you look around & decide you no longer want to subscribe to a mundane way of living, and you want more for yourself, you actually may be going through a spiritual awakening.

🚸Signs of a Spiritual Awakening🚸

You realize your desires are different for friendships, relationships, and your career.

You start to realize that you're thinking a little deeper about the why's of everything, and you no longer want to keep waking up doing your same routine.

People will say 🗣"You are depressed. If you don't want to be around your friends anymore. If you don't want to go to that same good paying job that you know, then you are depressed!"

However, this is not true for a large number of people.

‼️A search for purpose and/or a spiritual awakening can have you thinking something is wrong with you if you share your experiences with the wrong thinkers. There is help!

1️⃣ My book 📖 "How to Manifest Higher" can help. Get it at

I will sign it and give you a personal message. (Every message is different.)

OR you can purchase my book on Amazon: "How to Manifest Higher" by LaDeidra Wooten.

2️⃣ Get a therapist or encourage your friend to get a therapist who aligns with your beliefs.

*A therapist who doesn't allow your spirituality to flow (without trying to diagnose that part) would not be a good fit.

Technically, believing in things that you can not see, prayer, etc, could fall into the category of "magical thinking" with the wrong professional. Prayer to God is usually acceptable. However, if you say you have had connections with ancestors, gotten messages from spirit guides, see deeper into the spirit world, OR anything in relation to the third eye, then....not so acceptable anymore. 🤔 Find a therapist who gets it.

3️⃣ Get a life coach who understands the spiritual awakening. 🙋🏾‍♀️😉 I am an International Intuitive Coach. Meaning I understand the intuition and how it leads us to what is for our highest good. We are able to get feelings in our being about what we should do and not do. Life is not all black and white. You are allowed to see.

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