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Learn How to Feel an Intuitive Yes, and Make Moves

I've been listening to my intuition for so long that I know what a yes feels like & what a no feels like before I even open my mouth to give an answer.

Yes! I can teach you this. ⬇️

If you don't know what an intuitive yes feels like, you will always be afraid of what is coming next.

You will be afraid of if someone is going to hurt you again.

You will be afraid, thinking that all people have an ulterior motive & they can't be trusted.

Can you trust yourself? 🤔

You have a decision in it all. Learn what your intuition sounds like, so that you can be led by your own inner wisdom.⬇️




💥Nurse Dei-ism:

Everybody may not get visions, but you certainly get vibes.

You can learn to move intuitively instead of regularly. 😁

I ain't regular. My moves are intuitive & strategic.

How can I help you?

When I got a divorce many many years ago, I was in a ninjas ain't 💩 space too...but only for a min.

Why just a min?

I didn't want to be there. 😁

I wanted to enjoy my life & love me.

Honestly speaking (on a deeper level) we are one consciousness. Spiritually speaking if you hate the one who hurt you, & everyone of that species 😁 you still don't like yourself.

You can't hate another being & live in the space of love. There is something that you don't feel comfortable with about yourself.

If you see a 🐅 are you going to kiss it in the mouth? No, because you will likely get bitten. Unless, you felt you were a tiger as well, then you two would belong together.

When you get bitten by a tiger, look within...who are you? Who should you be with? Who should you be connecting with.




I can help you with that. ⬇️

Fill out an application to work with me 1 on 1.




Crazy thing is...after a few years of divorce, I wasn't looking for my husband. (I wasn't looking for the first one.)

Yet, with my husband I actually got a vision that he would be a part of my life forever. I wasn't certain of what all of the parts of the vision meant, but I knew (if I connected with him) that the energy was showing he would be a staple in my life (father of children, husband, something 😁).

That's another story for another day.


I made the decision to move forward, after listening to my intuition & breaking down the vision. I do this for many of my clients as well. I read you. Decode the visions & we formulate a plan for how to get to where you are trying to go. It's powerful & beautiful work. 😁 I also teach you, so that you are not just dependent on my intuitive wisdom. You have your own inner guidance. Learn how to tap in & get on your purpose path.

Fill out an application at

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