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Manifesting is NOT Forcing

Manifesting is real, but unfortunately, quite a few people are confused about what it actually means.

Manifesting is NOT:

🚫Asking everyone you know to buy at least one thing from your business.

🚫Getting angry if your loved ones don't jump on board to "support" your dreams by investing in you financially.

🚫Making your family & friends feel bad for not needing or wanting what you're selling.

Manifesting IS:

💫Focusing on your dreams.

💫 Aligning yourself with the belief that you will be successful.

💫Sowing positive energy into your business.

💫Allowing the positive energy you sowed into your business to flow outward into the world (touching your friends, family, and so many others).

Everyone wants to be a part of something positive.

Manifesting is NOT forcing people to support you. Instead, manifesting is allowing beauty to flow in your business and being appreciative to who is attracted to that beauty (They become your customers).



💥Nurse Dei-ism: Again, when @listeninghands1 started I never told anybody I was starting it.

The only person I begged to support the business idea was my husband 🤭 and then my older sister because she's a tech mogul & built the website. 🥰

My friends didn't know about the business until about the week of opening day. I did send out a little bit of marketing via text, but if no responses I wasn't tripping. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I was too busy filling myself up with positive energy: meditating, praying, and breathing in all that I KNEW @listeninghands1 would be.

Entrepreneurs, PLEASE stop fussing at your family & friends to support your business. It's not fair to them. AND you know you and all yo cousins selling something. 😏 Let your family be, and first believe in yourself. Believing in yourself will let you know that the world needs what you have to offer.

If nobody is biting, your energy is off and/or you need to switch up a little bit of what you're offering.

It is NOT the customer's fault, when they are not attracted to your business. You can't get mad at the world.

Let's talk more!

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