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Root Chakra Imbalances

Whenever you feel "off" or like you must pick up and move, we must look to your roots first.

This usually always leads us to difficult conversations:

🌳What traumas are in your roots?

🌳 What generational traumas are in your family? (Meaning what energy did your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc, pass down that wasn't healed?)

🌳 Have you been plucked from what you thought you knew and your mind opened to a whole new philosophy?

🌳Have you moved around a lot in your life from house to house or state to state or country to country OR from the Heavens to Earth? 😉

🌳Have you felt supported in who you are as a person, especially by your family?

🌳 Do you know what you believe in?

🌳 Has a family member that you were close to transitioned and crossed over?

🌳 Do you know who your father is? Do you know who your mother is?




I could go on and on. All of these questions go into issues of a root chakra imbalance. These are difficult conversations that parents (your roots) usually don't want to have. It is not because they don't want to have these conversations, but many times they can't. They are nursing their own root chakra traumas. BUT, we MUST, understand that the traumas of the parents certainly affect the children. This is whether you (or the child) are fully aware of these traumas or not.

Root Chakra imbalances or blockages are worked on by getting back to your roots. You must go back down that rope and unpack the heaviness.

Families can no longer cover up the fallacies of the story. If we do, the whole tree can start to rot. 🌳🖤😔




💥Nurse Dei-ism: They don't want to listen to you because they can't. It's too painful to unpack. You still must open up and release whether grandma them lied to you "to protect you" or not.

Your pain is attached to your trauma.

Your feeling like you don't have a leg to stand on is attached to your trauma.

Them telling you you're talking crazy is attached to your trauma.

Their ears are closed to protect themselves, and they think they are protecting you, but I hear you. I listen. @listeninghands1

I can help. 🙏🏾



I am @nursedei Holistic Nurse & Intuitive.

Book at

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