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Save Your Energy for the People Who Want Your Help

When someone has low faith and are vibrating low all of the time, they have to want to change that.

They have to want to see more.

You can try to help if you want, but you may run out of energy for them, because they were never receptive to seeing things differently.

They didn't want to lift their head up and see more.

💡So, what is the solution?

Use your energy for people who want to see differently.

💡How will you know who these people are?

They will ask you for help. 😉 It will feel good in your core. It will feel good in their core, and it will be a reciprocating relationship.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: This also goes for if someone is asking you to help them with one thing, but you're trying to help them with more.


They didn't ask you for all of that. 😏

You think you're showing them how you can help them even more, while they are taking you for granted.


Free sample days are over. You can't give folks a sample of how you can help them, because they won't see the value in your work.

They will feel the extras were free anyway...because you gave it to them for free.


Release, clean house, & let those folks go! Yep, all of them if you have to.

Release. Only then can your life be filled with exactly what is fulfilling for you. 🥰I promise you.

Do you even have the faith that you are trying to instill in others? 😏




You do? Well, release and believe. 😉🙏🏾💫

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