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Seek the Help That You Really Need and You Shall See Success

I went back & forth about this post (for just a hot min, not long at all 🤣) debating on if I would make it all poetic or get straight to the point...

I decided to get straight to the point. 😁

Y'all know everything that I do when you book that appointment.

You know I have the Listening Hands®️ Elevation Programs to help you reach your goals & elevate your life

There are also Holistic Plans to help you live, holistically, find balance, & prevent issues from manifesting in your body.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: I still do it all, because I love it all.

#1 The programs are where I dedicate most of my time & energy as we are aggressively tackling these clients goals. I prepare the plans for these clients before sessions & afterwards. We do ALOT & their successes are skyrocketing

#2 Those who are in a Holistic Plan see more benefit as well. I don't prepare beforehand for these clients, however, they have a care plan for what they should be doing in & outside of sessions. We change the holistic plan based on progress & needs for holistic healing.

For those of yall who think you gone book me for "a massage," but tell me all your life problems, the issues in your finances AND tell me how your business is not going the way you want AND tell me how you feel down AND tell me about your boyfriend, girlfriend, dog, cat, rat...& future goals

You can't. I ain't listening. 😏

Book the right program.

You think you're being clever, trying to get a whole lot for one price, but I'm not letting anybody drain me.

I have to have energy for those who are asking for my expert advice to elevate themselves & for those who desire to take care of themselves holistically. They respect my expertise & aren't trying to finagle their way to my guidance. 😁

The reason why you can't find "a massage" on my website is because I don't do that.

Don't call the office saying you couldn't find a massage. Don't call my office saying you didn't know you needed an appointment to talk to me or get inside the building. You do. 😉

Sign up for the program or holistic plan & we can work.

Not sure which one? Book a consultation. It's virtual from anywhere in the world. 🌎🥰 Thank you. 🤗

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