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Stop Comparing & You Can See the Good

If you compare everything to something else or someone else, it will never be good to you.

That's why you're encouraged to get on the gratitude wagon these days, because gratitude makes you open your eyes to what is good right in front of you.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: When you see the good, it's like one of those Where's Waldo books. 🤭 You start to see it every time.

Or one of those pictures where it looks like two different things & once you see it you can't unsee it. 😁

Like that pretty young woman & that scary looking old woman image that's been going around since I was in 1st grade. 😁 Y'all have seen it!!

Once you actually start looking for the good, you can't unsee it; so you see more & more.

Then, of course, it raises your vibration to where you are up there with all of the good stuff, so good stuff just floats to you all of the time.




If you keep comparing that mane to the last one who let you talk crazy, or talmbout what your friend has cause you done told her all of your business, he will never be able to be "good enough" for you.

If you keep comparing that lady, to the one you created in your head with the big 🍑& 🎱🎱 that let's you do whatever with no mouth, she will never be "good enough" in your mind.

If you keep comparing your partner to the last, they will never be able to move right (in any way) for you.

✋🏾 stop! You need to go somewhere & cleanse yourself, because YOU have the problem. You have residual energy on you & the cords need to be cut. It's not always your partner not being good enough, you just can't see because you're covered in somebody else's murky energy. 😉




Need help cleansing, releasing, cutting cords, & transmuting negative energy? Hit me up.

Womb cleansing & enhancing feminine energy are also available. 😉

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