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Suicide Doesn't Always Equal Depression

When you study mental diagnoses from a spiritual perspective, there are many situations in which people commit suicide who were not clinically depressed or in line with any western medicine mental health diagnoses. Unfortunately, many times an individual, basically "just wanted to see what's next". None of us TRULY know what the other side looks like...until we get there.

I have seen it firsthand & worked with so many individuals who are awakening spiritually but are NOT grounded.


When you travel deeper on your spiritual journey, you have to be careful to stay grounded so that you don't essentially float off into the cosmos.

I explain this so much in healing sessions/classes because it is a SERIOUS MATTER!

Being grounded= being centered, connected, & plugged into the Earth so that you feel like this life matters & you have a reason to be here....essentially it is FEELING your purpose.

What happens is, everyone is waking up, but many are diving in headfirst into a world that makes no sense.

  • Because does the world really make sense?

  • What are we here for?

  • What is the point of it all?

  • What comes next?

  • If we live forever, why do I even have to do this phase of life?

  • Why can't I just leave the body & go to the next phase?

These are questions that MANY people ponder.

Those questions indeed can come up in the spiritual journey YET they MUST be countered to understand WHY, WHY, & WHY.

If not, one can decide....well I'm done playing this portion of the game of life. I'm ready to see the real after this.

Is that really Clinical Depression?

No. One might call it Magical Thinking or Dissociation, etc...

Yet, these individuals would not be able to be diagnosed until AFTER they have made a life changing decision.

Then it's "Well he/she was talking about this life as if the wool is pulled over all of our eyes...." etc. Spirituality is no joke. It's serious. A lot of it is done alone, but you MUST, MUST, MUST be connected with someone who hears you & understands you.

You CANNOT work on the Third Eye & Crown chakras before you work on the root EXTENSIVELY!

Get connected!

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