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The Battle is Not Yours!

And it is perfectly OK to be in the phase of finding yourself, doing what you have seen someone else do...following trends.





💥Nurse Dei-ism: The problem is when fully grown folks, with fully grown situations, & totally different desires, AND a totally different lifestyle run up behind what they see being done in the media.

(I know I write run on sentences. 🤭 A Dei-ism is however it flows in my head the way it would come out my mouth to the homie. 🤭🤣)

How you going to bat so hard for something that doesn't even pertain to you? YOU on some I ain't married, but you just tried to have the conversation with them last night about what do you think about marriage? When would you like to get married?😏

NEVA now! 🙅🏾‍♀️ They sked. Even skedder than they were before.

You ain't bout that life that you're defending. You want to throw yourself in TV so bad, jump out, & start doing things the way TV folks do it. 😏

Welp, you are real life. Be careful what you wish for & what you say.

Repeating 🗣I ain't married yet" can turn into just, "I ain't married" forever.

And that's OK, if that's what you want. All things align.

If that's not what you want, stop running up behind the actions and beliefs that these other folks have who don't align with your true desires for union.

They were wrong when they said you can't be silent on issues. You most certainly can if the issue doesn't align with you. Even if parts of it you feel were wrong, you still can let everyone else drop their commentary, because Guess what?

The battle is not yours. 😉

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