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The Effect of Negative Forces

It's easier to be in a crew where everybody is doing the same things, instead of being around someone who is elevating to a different level.

Unfortunately, that brings out the hate in many.

And unfortunately, most times it's not even their fault.

It's spiritual actually.


Let me explain: The negative forces in this world do not look like monsters with horns. 😈🚫

Negative forces mess with the minds of regular people like you & me.

Negative energy makes you feel less than, jealous, prideful....angry.

It makes you point fingers & place blame. It snatches your ability to be happy for others & even to be happy for yourself.

Being pulled by negative forces is not anyone's fault, but it is up to us to recognize it and make the decision to not be pulled onto the side of negativity.





💥Nurse Dei-ism: Basically that person beside you may hate that it's you & not them; no matter how hard they try to be happy for you.

And that's OK. It's that evil energy poking the situation. It's understandable & y'all can get through it.

It's when they are consumed with that evil, funky energy & they got the eye rollin & the hating with their mouth going on. 🙄🤬

That's an issue!😉




You ain't even TRYING to be happy?!?!?!

You just mad-mad cause it ain't you?!?!?

They got to go!

They are consumed by the negative forces. That negativity will only spill over to affect you & your mindset about your success.

Get rid of them......respectfully. 😉🙏🏾

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