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The Shadow & Higher Self

I found so much, when I found the goddess within.

I found peace. I found stability. I found love & happiness.

I found leadership. I found power. I found that I am in control of the way I move through life.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: When you learn how to transmute energy, triggers just jiggle but there is no pop. 🤭

You can stay in Goddess energy. 😁

Cause baby that beast will go off to protect that beauty.

That beast ain't playing bout nothing.

That beast don't play bout time or money.

That beast will let you know, you ain't finna play with me no mo.

That beast keeps you from getting used up.

BUT, you have to be in beast mode gracefully. 😁




The beast is the shadow. The goddess is your Higher Self.

They need to be merged. You cannot deny the beast, or it will bite. You cannot deny the goddess, or you won't see beauty.

You've heard it called "shadow work," yet most people don't truly understand what shadow work is.

You've already done some shadow work here & there, but it wasn't intentional.

Learn more & Get intentional. Healing work is what you need. Let that shadow know it no longer has to fight & bite. ⬇️

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