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The World is Evolving Whether You Do or Not

It's ok to keep doing what you have been doing.

Although the world is in constant rotation and everything is evolving, you do not have to CHOOSE to change. 😉

You can decide to stay right where you are.

HOWEVER, with everything rotating & evolving around you, where do you think that will leave you? 🤔

When you're ready to evolve & elevate ⬇️

Fill out an application on my website. ..💥Nurse Dei-ism:  Several clients met their goals & completed the Listening Hands™️ Elevation Program. There was also a release from the program. 👋🏾

This is great news! It means the programs are highly effective. This also means that there are a couple of openings!

I only work with a couple of clients at a time 1 on 1 in programs. This is because there is a lot of time and energy that goes into the process of helping clients:

💫 Find deep healing💫 Connect with their inner child💫 Create a fulfillment in their life from the desires flowing through their core💫Transform their work to be more fulfilling 💫Attract & engage in loving relationships 💫Enhance their intuition to start Doing Everything Intuitively™️💫Develop their unique self-identity & intense self-love💫Learn to balance their energy on a daily basis💫Live as their Higher Selves: Happy & Healthy💫And Manifest the life they want for themselves

It takes ALOT & I am focused on the clients who are focused on themselves. 👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏾 I work hard to make sure my clients are successful....⁉️Why might a client get released from a program?

Not committed to themselves as evidenced by non payment of requested payment plan, multiple no call no-shows to in person or virtual appointments

It is VERY rare for a client to get discharged out of a program before completion as most clients who connect with me have done thorough research on the services I provide by vetting me through my Google Business Page, reviewing 5 Star reviews, following on social media, reading my extensive blog, & perusing through my extensive website, as well as done research with outside sources such as Google searches.

When clients connect with me, they are READY!

I do not keep anyone's money who gets released.

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