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There is Something Special About me

Is there something special about you?

I read people.🤷🏾‍♀️

I can't explain how I do it. Information just flows when I open myself up to it.



🟡This is why, I like to kick it alone at times.(A lot of times 😁)

🟡When I go to the gym, I try to go to machines at the end or with a little separation.

🟡When I go to the grocery store, I try to zip in & zip out. I used to wear headphones & listen to music when I shopped.

🟡When I worked in a cubicle, I would put music in my ears so that I wouldn't hear the discussions around me.

🟡I also pick & choose what crowded events I want to be a part of.

🟡I don't really like to talk on the phone. Text me, don't call me. If I talk to you on the phone, just know that you are SUPER special.

🟡I like to stay in my own bubble & not strike up random conversations in public. If I'm not in my own bubble, I always end up in random conversations in public.😁

🟡I give eye contact when I am speaking to you directly or listening to you intently. If it's a public environment, I'm not just looking at people directly in the eyes.🤣

🟢Why? Because I read people. (You know when you look up & that random person will be staring at you? 🤭 I don't do that ish 🤣 because staring = receiving information.)



🤔So, how does this sound?

🗣Oh, that must be social anxiety?

Nope. I be very calm.🤷🏾‍♀️😁

🗣Oh, you sound stuck up!

Nope, I'm very friendly & even approachable. Hence, the reason why I have to stay in my bubble in the first place.

🗣 It must be hard not liking to be in big crowds & around a lot of people all of the time.

Nope, I love it here.🥰

I love being around a lot of people (only when I want to. Back in the day, my friends & I got kicked out of a lounge in Memphis because I decided to get up on a plush white couch & dance. I also used to love Coyote Ugly 🤣 You know why. I was up there. 🤣💃🏾)

Like I said, I don't have a problem with crowds when I want to be in one.

🗣 That sounds like some kind of diagnosis. That's not being highly sensitive. That's some kind of social anxiety, adult autism, or something!

(So many adults are coming out saying they wanted to be diagnosed with ASD because they knew they were "different." So they specifically asked for the test).


Like Whut?

Get my Empath & HSP Course.😉(In my Bio)

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