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There Will Always Be Positive & Negative

Choose to be the positive.

When you laugh, there will always be someone who feels, " that wasn't even funny."

When you get excited, there will always be someone who feels, "you're that excited about that?"

When you're happy, there will always be someone who is unhappy. It's the flow of the Universe.

Don't match energy. You can choose to stay in your happy place by recognizing that the pull of negative energy is ALWAYS there. So, is the pull of positive energy.

Give yourself permission to flow over to the positive side and know that it's ok to be there. 🙏🏾




💥Nurse Dei-ism: Some folks just unhappy. 🤷🏾‍♀️

You make a joke, 🗣"That's not a good joke," they say. 😏

You get excited, 🗣"That's not really that big of a deal," they say.

You dance a jig when something good happens in your life & they say 🗣 "Why you gotta do alla that?"

Bruh. 😏 Tell these unhappy folks to take they 🍑 on!

Find your happy place & make friends there. Some of these folks y'all drag along live in deep, dark waters. Y'all feel you have to drag them along or you're not doing your good deed for the day.

Go buy a plant if you need to nurture something so bad, but stop nurturing these folks with this rotten apple, roach infested, molded energy. You can't help them live. 😉

Fungus is needed in this world too. 🤷🏾‍♀️ But do you want it on you? 😁

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