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Things You May Not Know About Me

It's important to connect with your Healing Practitioner; which is why I do these personality posts periodically.

Please don't look & be like "Ouu she cute. I pick her to work on my energy." 🤭 Holistic Healing & Spiritual/Energy Healing is serious work!

I write ALOT so that you can know me & if we connect on an energetic level before you book an appointment.

My website also has even more information about me, my beliefs, my background, & what I do.

PLEASE review the about page, the FAQs, the Blog, & each service description for more information.



More insight on the post above:

🟠If it's a crowded place, I probably won't talk cause I like to be in chill zone.

🟠I have always been a runner since a kid & ran track, but these days I am an Ellipticaller & Cycler. 🤭 My body been acting funny, but I plan to get back to running.

🟠I will always keep both my licenses RN, LMT and Certifications CCM: Certified Case Manager no matter how much my career grows in the Holistic space. (Shoot is was hard to get those thangs. 😁) I likely won't always be BSN because school is on the horizon. I desire to be PhD (in a Healing Specialty) in the future.😉 I do believe education & accredited Certifications are important although it is certainly possible to be successful in the holistic entrepreneurial space without them. They are important to me.

🟠 Yup. 💕💚 And Yup I do what I'm supposed to do financially so that we can do things to help others.

🟠 Listen to the song & figure it out. 🤭 I grew up in church and you know we're taught "It's better to marry than to burn". Many people do think marriage is the goal & end all be all. So, they look forward to getting that ring. (Any ole ring. Smh).

I don't fully agree. I certainly advocate for marriage as you can see in my bio I am a Marriage Officiant.

However, I don't believe it's the ultimate goal. Peace of mind & joy is the goal, whether single or married, because marriage with the wrong person can be detrimental.

Marriage with the right person can be magical, rainbows, & unicorns, but it's still work. I do wish this magic for everyone if desired.

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